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Soft Magnetic Alloys

Soft magnetic material includes a wide variety of nickel-iron and nickel-cobalt soft magnetic alloys and pure iron for high performance components requiring high initial and maximum permeability coupled with ease of fabrication.

Sophisticated equipment, advanced technology and the expertise developed for producing aeronautical grade alloys are employed for manufacturing, high performance soft magnetic material.

Starting with ultra clean raw materials, special processes and techniques are used for melting and refining this material under controlled atmospheric conditions in the Air Induction Melting, Vacuum Induction Refining and Vacuum Induction Melting furnaces. The final product is manufactured through a combination of forging, hot and cold rolling, wire drawing and heat treatment depending on the customer`s specifications.

Soft magnetic alloys includes two alloy systems:

    1. Softmag Alloys
    2. Sofcomag Alloy

1. Softmag Alloys

The iron-nickel SOFTMAG alloys exhibit a wide range of magnetic properties in relation to their nickel content. The high nickel alloys have high initial permeability but low saturation, whereas the low nickel alloys are lower in initial permeability but higher in saturation induction. Small amounts of other alloying elements, particularly molybdenum and copper, are added to these alloys and special processing techniques such as annealing in hydrogen are employed in order to develop or accentuate specific characteristics.

Softmag can be broadly classified into six categories:

2. Sofcomag Alloys

The iron-cobalt SOFCOMAG family of alloys are characterized by moderately high permeability and very high saturation induction. While iron-nickel Softmag alloys attain the maximum saturation induction of about 1.5 teslas, the SOFCOMAG alloys can achieve saturation induction values as high as 2.3 teslas. They are also marked by their low electrical resistivity and high hysteresis loss.
SOFCOMAG can be broadly classified into two series:

SOFCOMAG 25 is an alloy which exhibits the highest saturation flux density of all the magnetic alloys. Its high curie point enables its use in areas where the magnetic properties have to remain unimpaired even at high temperatures of about 500°C. This alloy is designed for application in electrical equipment requiring high saturation; induction in high magnetic field as in. electric motor parts of aircraft for which weight is an important consideration. It is also used for magnetic poles of electromagnets.

SOFCOMAG 49A is similar to SOFCOMAG 25 in respect of its high saturation flux density. However, it offers a higher resistivity than SOFCOMAG 25. This yields low eddy current losses at high induction levels. In addition to electric motors for aircraft, SOFCOMAG 49A is also used for its high positive magnetostriction in sonar applications and ultrasonic equipment.

SOFCOMAG 49B is similar to SOFCOMAG 49A but is given special properties due to different processing methods. Hence the hysteresis cycle of this grade is rectangular.

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